The Internet has changed every way people use to live. Education is not spared. In spite of all the fears and reticences of educators about its use it has found its own way in this field. Online courses are used at all levels of education. The emergent movement is the use of social learning and open content. Self-learners can freely learn different things thanks to freely available courses in the internet. People can set online study groups to learn mutually using open content. Open content is content that is free to use,share, reuse, mix and remix under a special license. Learning doesn't only takes place in educational institutions. Informal learning takes place throughout life and people can authenticate this way to learn things taught in the formal sector of education. Informal learning has been use in millennia. The old philosophers, scientists, etc have initially some kind of formal schooling but their great discoveries have been made by their own learning in an informal setting. even in these present days many great leaders in different fields of knowledge and human activity become famous by learning informally. The purpose of this site is to make open content available in the web and anyone can contribute to this endevour.

Mission Statement

Learning is a natural need of humans. It is a process that helps to survival. Unfortunately for the vast majority of people learning materials are a luxury. Having a vast majority of learning resources available freely to them, students, teachers, professionals and self-learners have better possibilities to reach their educational goals. Teachers have free materials that help them to prepare courses for their students and develop professionally. Students have outside school materials that help them with their assignments and broaden the field of knowledge learned at school. The benefits are huge for people interested. The purpose of Open Curricula is to provide free open educational ressources (oer) materials accessible to anyone. Open Curricula is also interested in providing free educational materials for Haitian students whose access is very limited especially after the Haiti devastated earthquake.